Our story

Our beginnings

The Brass Band of Charente was created in January 2010 under the umbrella association of ‘Brass in the Charente’. The association directly runs the brass band. 

Francis Chiché (professional trumpet teacher in the Departmental School of Music of the Charente) is the creator as well as the artistic and musical director.

Musicians from the community

The Brass Band de Charente has 28 musicians. It is made up of professional musicians and music teachers (current and retired) from the Departmental School of Music but also high level amateur musicians from the Charente region. In addition some of our musicians are preparing for their career in music.

The combination of amateur and professional musicians helps us to progress as a band, to develop younger players and to provide a brilliant musical experience in such a renowned brass band.

Our history

The Brass Band de Charente was the first band to be created in the region of Poitiou-Charente and still remains the only band in the department of Charente. 

The band is the only musical ensemble in the Charente that combines professional and amateur musicians on a voluntary basis.

The association Brass in Charente has been able to achieve this success through the unremitting work of the leadership team over many years. The team, which currently comprises Daniel Lannaud, Olivier Rivière, Rebecca Harrington and Steve Harrington, work alongside Francis Chiché to develop the practice of brass playing in the region.

Our objectives

Our objectives are guided by the association 'Brass in Charente' and are principally to develop the practice of playing a brass instrument and to introduce the wider public to the world of brass band music.

Our objectives also include supporting and delivering teaching projects as well as promoting both individual and group brass playing.

The brass family and its repertoire

The brass band is the ensemble that best represents the family of brass instruments beginning with the essential cornets down to the tubas and in passing not missing the flugel horn, euphoniums, baritones, trombones to the less well-known tenor horn!

The repertoire is extremely varied with original pieces for brass band, typically from British composers, to transcriptions of classical works to many entertainment pieces from both the music and film industries.

Inspired by its British origins

Brass bands originated in the UK in the 1830s. English factories and mining companies created these bands to build local communities amongst the working people - as well as to help them forget the poor working conditions.

The film Brassed Off released in 1996 played homage to this English cultural phenomenon and is a brilliant illustration of what brass bands are all about. Today there exists around 1200 bands in the UK against around 70 in France, however, the movement in France is growing every day!

If you would like to know more about our band, our projects, our upcoming concerts or book us for an event, you are welcome to send us an email or call one of the members of the association. We have both French and English speaking band members.