Nicolas Chatenet inspires the next generation

Nicolas Chatenet can normally be found playing principal trumpet in the great operas of Verdi, Puccini, Mozart and Bizet with the Paris Opera. This weekend he took the time to spend two days inspiring the young brass players of the Charente.

Open to all the young brass players of the Charente

Nicolas Chatenet, alongside the music teachers from the Charente and the Brass Band de Charente supported the biannual workshop of young brass players from the county.    

The children, aged from 7 to 18 years old, were divided into four ensembles based on ability. Each brass ensemble was led by one of the region's music teachers with members from the band helping out individual sections.

Probing questions and answers!

Nicolas took one of the children’s groups for several hours of practice and guided them to a concert with parents and friends on the Sunday evening.

Nicolas was also the guest soloist at the Saturday evening concert accompanied by the Brass Band de Charente. Nicolas followed the late concert finish with an early Sunday morning question and answer session with the youngsters.

The children were fascinated to get an insight into Nicolas’ professional life and he was asked many probing questions :

« How much do you practice each day ? » « Do you take holidays ? » and « Do you get nervous? ».

Nicolas was very open and helpful – an inspiration to all! At the end of the weekend Nicolas commented:

« The children were so attentive, there is some great talent developing in the region. I love playing with and for people who are so passionate about learning to play an instrument. »

Enthusiastic response!

At the end of the weekend and after several hours of practice a concert was given to family and members of the public at the magnificent concert hall in Chateaubernard.

One of the young players, Ella Harrington, 14, commented :

It was an amazing weekend playing music with my friends, we had so much fun!”

Conductor delighted!

The workshop was organised by Francis Chiché, the conductor of the band as well as head of brass for the region, who added :

« This is a great opportunity for our young players to have fun making music together and hear live players of a high standard both in the brass band and in the phenomenally brilliant trumpet playing of Nicolas Chatenet from Paris Opera. ».

Francis added: « We are also very fortunate to be supported by our Ecole de Musique, our partners Yamaha Music and Thevenet Music as well as all the volunteers from the music community and our brass band who gave up so much of their time voluntarily. Thank you! »

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