Our musicians

The Brass Band de Charente has 28 musicians. The band is made up of professional musicians, music teachers from the region (current and retired) and amateur players of a high standard - some of whom are students preparing for a career in music.

Francis Chiché


Professional musician / trumpet player. Music performance degree received from Bordeaux and Versailles. Fully qualified music teacher and trumpet professor in the regional music department. The founder and musical director of the Charente Brass Band in January 2010.

Steve Harrington

Soprano Cornet

I started playing the cornet aged 11 and switched to the Soprano 20 years ago. I have played in several English brass bands before moving to France with my engineering job in the aerospace industry. I have a doctorate in Robotics from Cranfield. I am currently studying part-time for my Masters in Music Performance at Salford University, UK. I joined the band in 2010.

Luca Chiché

Luca Chiché

Principal Cornet

Professional musician / trumpet player. Music performance degree received from Bordeaux. Fully qualified music teacher. Masters degree in performance from Munich music school. Principal trumpet of Darmstradt orchestra, Germany. Member of Tetra Brass based in Munich. Member of the Brass Band de Charente since 2010 and Pricipal Cornet since 2013.

Alice Joguet

Principal Cornet

I started playing the cornet at 6 years of age. I have played in a variety of music ensembles and joined the band in 2015 as solo cornet. In 2019, I obtained my Music Diploma at 'le Pôle d’Enseignement Supérieur de Bordeaux'.

Julien Cartier

Solo Cornet

I started playing the trumpet at the age of 8 then I discovered the cornet and joined the band in 2017. I'm currently studying music and I really enjoy playing in the brass band.

Antoine Sarrote

Solo Cornet

My musical journey started in a Drum / Fanfare ensemble in Chevanceaux at the age of 5. I then moved on to cornet aged 6. I joined the brass band in 2015 on tenor horn and subsequently moved on to the solo cornet bench. I now study music at Bordeaux Conservatoire where I play in several brass groups; I also enjoy acting in theatre groups.

Philippe Baudry

Philippe Baudry

Solo Cornet

I started playing the trumpet at the age of 7 years. I play in several different music groups in the area. During the day I drive articulated lorries for a furniture company. I joined the brass band on it's creation in 2010.

Emmanuel Filion

Emmanuel Filion

Repiano Cornet

Pierre Brethenoux


Ella Harrington

2ND Cornet

I started playing the piano aged 5 and took up the cornet 3 years later. I love playing in the brass band as well as the Aeolus orchestra. I also enjoy singing. I joined the band in 2019.

Agnès Lebas

3RD Cornet

I started trumpet lessons at the age of 7. When I was studying for my degree playing in the brass band was the only solution to keep practising the instrument. Four years later, I am still very happy to be part of the brass band.

Tiphaine Jardin

3RD Cornet

I started learning the cornet at the age of 7. I joined the band as a student in 2017. I enjoy the opportunty to play the cornet in an ensemble with other people who are more experienced and helpful.

Becky Harrington

Flugel Horn

I studied trumpet at the London College of Music before teaching music in the UK. I was very happy when the Brass Band de Charente was formed in 2010.

Alain Giboin

solo horn

I studied cornet at the Bordeaux Music Conservatory where I received the 'Médaille d'Or'. I currently teach trumpet at the regional music school and play solo horn with the brass band.

Laurent Sarrote

1st horn

I started playing the trumpet at the age of 11 years. I share my passion for the brass band with my job as a design engineer in the railway industry. I joined the band in 2019.

Emmanuelle Pauget

2nd Horn

I studied trumpet at Clermont Ferrand conservatoire aged 9. I play the bugle/hunting horn in a fanfare group, the flugel in a harmony band and the cornet in the brass band (since 2010). In 2019 I moved on to tenor horn. During the day my job is as a social assistant. 

Andrew Hodge


I started to play the euphonium only at the age of 34, simply as my children asked me to take them to play in the village brass band. I became hooked and this instrument remains my passion. I played with Harrogate Brass Band before retiring to France and joining this band in 2015.

Hiroyo Machida


Professional musician, trombonist and teacher of both euphonium and the trombone. I received my CRR diploma from Bordeaux. I teach in the regional school of music. I joined the brass band on euphonium in September 2019.

Nicolas Bayart

Nicolas Bayart

1st Baritone

My participation in music has always been as an amateur. I started in a drum and fanfare group at Cognac and then went on to play in Harmony groups in Charente Maritime and then in the Charente. I was very happy to be invited to play in the Brass Band. It has allowed me to discover new musical colours and with more harmonies. Also I have enjoyed meeting new friends who also are very passionate about their music.

Daniel Lannaud

2nd Baritone

I started playing the cornet at the age of 8 and I have never ceased to love this instrument. I am passionate about music and brass in general and very early sought a job in this field .. specialist and seller of music instruments! I

Michaël Paulay

1st Trombone

I've played trombone in the band since it was formed and in other different ensembles: harmony band, big band and a symphony orchestra. I initially started playing the drum in a Drum Fanfare group before starting to learn to play the trombone. I went on to join the trombone class of Patrick Bonnet at the conservatoire of Agen and Marmande.

Olivier Dutrompt

2nd Trombone

I originally played the trombone between the ages of 10 and 25 years. I started playing the instrument again with my daughters in a harmony band. Joining the brass band has allowed me to progress and appreciate a new style of music.

Jean-Baptiste Grimaud

Bass Trombone

After having learned to play the flute for 7 years, I finally had the desire to make music an important part of my life. At the age of 14 I discovered the most beautiful instrument in the world and I am very happy to have played the Bass Trombone in the brass band since its creation.

Fred Barrere

Eb Bass

Dina Rozema

Eb Bass

I was 9 years old when I had my first lesson from my grandfather on the french horn. In 1990 I started to play the tuba. I’ve been enjoing playing in the brassband since 2016.

Maxime Boyer

Bb Bass

I started my musical journey at the age of 7 in the Chevanceax Drum Fanfare ensemble. I started as a percussionist but moved to the brass famiy at the age of 10. I began on the Clairon bass, then moved to euphonium and finally on to my instrument of choic, the tuba at the age of 20. I joined the brass band shortly after it was formed. My day job is as a mechanical engineer.

Olivier Riviere

Olivier Rivière


Professional musician in percussion and piano. Member of the brass band since it's creation and committed to promoting this ensemble.


Gaëlle Haudebourg


Professional flute player and teacher. I have a Music degree and teaching diploma from Rueil-Malmaison and Tours. I teach the flute at the regional music school of the Charente. I have also been a percussionist with the Brass Band de Charente since 2017.

Sophie Rossetti


I am a teacher in the regional music school. I took my first step into the world of percussion with the Charente Brass Band in 2018.

With special thanks to our previous players who have been so important in our history and will always be part of our banding family.